Korg Synths - The Triton Series

The TRITON series proved itself to be the most advanced and powerful music workstations available when launched in 2004.
Acclaimed worldwide as the most powerful music workstation available. From the top-level TRITON Studio with its high-capacity hard drive and built-in CD-R/RW, to the streamlined TRITON Le, a full range of models wasavailable, and top of the pile was the magnificent TRITON Extreme.


The TRITON Extreme represented another big step up in production possibilities, delivering all the functionality you need in a music workstation; up to 120 voice polyphony, a massive 160 Mbytes sample ROM, a wealth of new sounds, the analog warmth of Valve Force vacuum tube technology, a sequencer that merges audio & MIDI thanks to In-Track sampling, our powerful Open Sampling System, expanded pattern sets for the dual polyphonic arpeggiator, USB connectivity, and digital I/O - all designed for the smooth integration of sound, music production, and external equipment. With all this musical power, the TRITON Extreme is ready to sweep the music scene.


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A staggering 160 Mbytes of PCM memory forms the foundation for 1,344 Programs and 1,280 Combinations, providing wonderful potential for expressing your creativity.

Valve Force technology --- a first for any music workstation. This newly developed vacuum tube circuit adds analog warmth to your sound.

Two tone generators deliver up to 120 voice polyphony.

Open Sampling System allows for creative Resampling, plus the ability to record audio directly into the sequencer using In-Track Sampling.

Dual polyphonic, dynamic arpeggiators can generate powerful phrases. 489 patterns are included, with room for a total of 507.

In addition to the two inputs, stereo master outputs and four individual outputs, two channels of digital I/O (24-bit 48kHz support) are provided via S/PDIF optical connectors.

USB A and B connectors allow single-cable connection between TRITON Extreme and other USB devices, such as a hard disk or CD-R/RW drive, or your computer.

Card Slot accepts convenient CompactFlash and Microdrive media for loading and saving your valuable data.

Add powerful DSP modeling synthesis with the user installable EXB-MOSS option.

Available in 61-note, 76-note, and 88-note models. The 88-note model features our top-of-the-line RH2 keyboard with graded hammer action that convincingly reproduces the touch of a grand piano.


Massive PCM ROM delivers rich and detailed sonic reproduction.
The twin tone generators use Korg's most advanced HI (Hyper Integrated) engine. High-quality PCM, a flexible filter section, and a versatile effect section provide an enormously wide palette for sound creation.

MASSIVE  PCM provides a lavish array of waveforms.
The TRITON Extreme features 160 MB of PCM ROM containing 962 multisamples and 1,175 drum samples, all recorded 48 kHz for high quality sound. A set of all new PCM data includes solo brass and woodwinds with natural vibrato, electric and acoustic guitars, organs, backing choirs, and many other expressive sounds. In addition to the gorgeous stereo piano introduced on the TRITON STUDIO, there is a new additional stereo grand piano bringing the total of piano choices to five. Furthermore, a huge selection of sounds representing the best of the EXB-PCM expansion library (available for the TRITON STUDIO, TRITON-Rack, TRITON Classic and Karma) has been included, offering a vast collection of sounds covering vintage keyboards and synths, sounds for house and trance, as well as orchestral instruments. In one single unit, the TRITON Extreme gives you every conceivable type of sound at an unprecedented level of quality.

A treasure trove of preloaded Programs and Combinations are available for immediate use
The TRITON Extreme contains 1,344 programs, and 1,280 combinations that combine up to eight of these programs. It also provides 50 drum kits that draw on over 1,171 individual drum samples. Also built-in are 256 programs and 9 drum programs for GM2 compatibility. With open locations for your own sound creations plus the fact that almost every location is user-writable, there are 1,536 Program, 1,536 Combination and 144 Drum kit locations where you can save the sounds that you create. Only KORG offers this amount of user flexibility for getting the soundset that you want!
* GM Level 2 is a specification that expands the functionality of GM Level 1, providing a greater degree of musical expression when creating song data that is portable between sound modules made by different manufacturers.

Filter, LFO, and Alternate Modulation for flexibility in sound creation
The TRITON Extreme's HI synth engine allows you to transform the rich array of internal PCM sounds (or your own sample data) into a wide range of sounds ranging from realistic simulations to aggressive synth sounds. Each oscillator can be processed by a multi-mode filter and multiple advanced envelope generators for finite sound-shaping. Two LFOs (with a choice of 21 different LFO waveforms) are provided, which can even synchronize to tempo changes when you're playing the sequencer or arpeggiator, or sync up to an external MIDI clock.
In addition, you can apply 42 types of AMS (Alternate Modulation Source) to 51 different Alternate Modulation destinations (27 types), to add motion and definition to your sounds. Numerous controllers are available on the surface of the TRITON Extreme, allowing you to modify sounds in realtime, or in performance.